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From the Heat in Mesa, AZ

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Hello to all,

I am from Mesa, AZ where the summer temp is a standard 105+ degrees. I love gardening and have a semi successful garden this year, the only problem I have are rabbits and squirrels, they like eating everything before I can pick it.

But, I have raised garden, working on an irrigation system and figuring out how to build shade and to keep the rabbits out.

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David, do you use Newspaper to keep the moisture in the soil? I have had 3 days here in SE OH in the 90s which officially here is a heat wave...and took shredded papers up to hold the water down and help with the weeds as well.

Your garden centers might have a repellant that would work for your furry friends or some Cayenne Pepper sprinkled onto the area might discourage them as well.
I live in the Gila Valley. I've got a raised bed garden that is fenced with chicken wire and a 2' band of shade cloth to cut the wind. This has kept the jacks, rabbits, javalina and snakes out for 5 years. (maybe I shouldn't say anything, rattlers are prevalent here:eek:)
HI David! I am in Mesa as well....what are you growing right now? the only thing that is surviving for us are the eggplants and black-eyed peas...I do have some beans that have trellised up some sunflowers and there is a hot pepper plant that just keeps on producing...everything else has been exhausted by the heat.
We have raised beds as well but have a shade cloth up to protect what is left.
How long have you been gardening here?
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