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Does anyone here have fruit trees in pots? What do you do with them in the winter? I have a bunch of young fruit trees. I built a "corral" for them last season consisting of stone blocks lined with styrofoam and that silver insulation that is used in houses and then filled with hay. Those trees survived the winter and did well this summer. Well I bought 2 more trees this summer and there's no room in the corral. Should I bring them in the house? I'm totally against that idea because I'm pretty sure there are things living in the pots with the trees. Will they do okay in the dark garage this winter?
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I've never tried an actual fruit tree in a pot, although I currently have two blueberry bushes in pots, but because they are now 3 yrs old and not producing much, I'm transplanting them to my garden when they go into dormancy.

So I don't have any advice or recommendations on bringing them in. Does your garage get any light? I would think they would still need some light, even though they are likely in dormancy. Not sure where you live or if it's possible to bring them out on sunny or not so cold days.

I was thinking that next summer I might do a couple of small lemon and/or lime trees in pots. I think the meyer limes stay small enough to do well.
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