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Garden is beginning to jump

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Spring has sprung and we are headed into a Summer weather pattern shortly here in Texas. We have already hit 90F a few afternoons and the weather is getting hot fast.

The garden has been a bit slow this year but now it's finally beginning to grow in nicely. Here are a few photos for your amusement;
Plant Plant community Land lot Grass Road surface

These are my carrots. I have already pulled a few for testers and they are very nice! These are Bolero carrots.

Plant Tree Natural landscape Grass Groundcover

My lettuce and cabbage are really taking off. That's potatoes in the background which will be ready to dig in about 1 more week.

Plant Tree Land lot Natural landscape Grass

Yellow squash and zucchini were planted from seed a few weeks ago and are about ready to bloom. Cucumbers in the foreground are struggling a bit. I suspect they will do fine once the heat sets in to stay.

Plant Leaf vegetable Groundcover Grass Annual plant

A shot of my beautiful curly leaf kale. This has to be one of the most versatile greens in the kitchen.

Water Property Wood Swimming pool Floor

This last shot is for Harry! My old gal Daisy Grace and I enjoying a sit by the pool. Yes, we did get in and swim as the water temp is about 77F. This is for my Canadian and British friends! LOL
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Looks good Bud, here's mine.

Plant Sky Window Tree Land lot

I will be planting my potatoes this week, weather permitting if it is dry enough. Lots of April showers this last week.
I do have some stuff going in the planters.......radish, carrots, spinach, onions.

Wood Grass Land lot Plant Groundcover

Plant Wood Grass Fines herbes Groundcover

While waiting for some warmer weather I have been concentrating on my composting. Built this the last couple of weeks.

Property Plant Outdoor bench Wood Road surface
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