A couple of years ago, growing tomatoes in an upside planter was all the rage. There was infomercial after infomercial declaring the Topsy-Turvy as being the best way anyone could grow tomatoes. You didn't even need a yard, just a place to hang the planter.

Many people that lived in urban dwellings loved the possibility of being able to grow their own tomatoes without needing a bunch of land to do it. Even gardeners with large gardenscapes reveled at the idea of growing tomatoes upside down.

Although the Topsy-Turvy sold by the truckloads, many people were very disappointed in the results. Many complained of the growing small fruit, if any at all. It was difficult to keep watered well and usually they ended up with dead tomato plants once the heat of summer kicked in.

I, too, was one of those that jumped at the idea of growing tomatoes in a different way, and walked away disappointed at the results. I think I muttered something similar to the hundreds of other mutters out there, "Well, that was a waste of $15".

I eventually gave up on the Topsy-Turvy and donated it to my trash heap.

Introducing the Gardener's Revolution Planter

At the beginning of this season I was browsing the Gardener's Supply Co website when I came across their Revolution Planter. I was suddenly brought back to that sinking feeling that the Topsy-Turvy gave me several years ago.

The Revolution Planter was very similar, yet very different. I read the information on the planter and decided to give it a try.

As soon as I received the planter I realized it was constructed much better than the Topsy Turvy. It features a strong canvas bag that contains an easy-to-use zipper. This bag holds the tomato plant and soil.

There is also a plastic-coated metal cage that surrounds the soil bag for added strength. This cage acts as an outer skin of the planter and is very strong.

What really sets the Revolution Plater apart from the others is the one gallon water reservoir at the top. This holds water for the plant and the capillary matting slowly seeps water down into the soil to make sure the tomato plant never goes without water.

Does the Gardener's Revolution Planter Work?


Gardeners Revolution Planter with Tomato Plant

In my experience with the Gardener's Revolution Planter it does a good job of growing tomatoes. Now keep in my mind, not every tomato variety will work well with the Planter. Gardener's Supply recommends using bush-type tomatoes for best results. I planted a 'Black Cherry' tomato plant and it produced pretty well.

You will still need to keep up with daily waterings during the summer heat, but it is much easier with the one gallon reservoir. You fill up the reservoir once each morning and the planter is good to go.

Tomatoes Ripening Using Gardeners Revolution Planter
Tomatoes Growing Using Gardeners Revolution Planter

Pros of the Revolution Planter

    • Easy method for growing tomatoes for those with limited space

    • Takes just a few minutes to set up

    • Water reservoir ensures plant stays well-watered

    • Price is cheaper than purchasing conventional containers

  • Sturdy construction; should last for several years

Cons of the Revolution Planter

    • Once the Revolution Planter is filled with soil and one gallon of water, it is quite heavy. Make sure to use a sturdy hook, or hanger, that is sufficient to hold the weight.


If you enjoy homegrown tomatoes, but do not have the space for in-ground tomato plants, then I recommend using the Gardener's Revolution Planter. It is an ideal way to grow tomatoes without taking up a bunch of space.

Even though I do have in-ground tomato plants, I still enjoyed using this planter. It works far better than the Topsy-Turvy, due to the strong construction and water reservoir, and keeping the plant watered is a breeze.

Gardener's Supply is currently having a sale on this planters - Buy one get one free. I'm going to take full advantage of this deal and buy a few more for myself!

This is my honest and fair review of this product. I was not compensated in any way for my review.