This article was written by Melody Hanatani

SUNSET PARK - There's a hearty vegetable garden in Greg Fuller's backyard with seemingly enough vegetables to fill the produce section of a small grocery store, teeming with zucchini, corn and tomatoes.

Tending to the small farm is a team of men and women who come without fail every Tuesday and Saturday morning for about three hours, pulling weeds, tilling the soil, and taking some of the ready-to-eat crop at the end of the day.

The gardeners are clients of OPCC's Safe Haven, a shelter that serves the needs of chronically homeless individuals who live with mental illnesses, and for the past year, they have sought solace and purpose in a blooming plot of land on Cedar Street.

"The garden is very therapeutic to me and the rest of my members," said Felix Garcia, a Safe Haven resident who not only serves as the team leader, but also the shelter's chef, using the garden's vegetables in his menu.

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