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Gardening in Western NY

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Hi, I'm a life long gardener (but by no means an expert). It seems that's all mom and I did, figure out what to plant, hit the nurseries, figure out where it was going, plant, get up the next day to survey our work, and start the whole process over again. We planted both flowers and vegetables, though lately the vegetable garden seems to assume more importance. (Not that I could ever live w/out flowers! Oh no!) She gave me the love of gardening. The zone map puts me in zone 6, but judging by some cold winter temps, it seems more like zone 5.5. Vegetables in so far are eggplant, peppers, cucumbers & eggplant. Am planning some mid season green beans, broccoli if there's room. Oh yeah, zucchini too, how could I forget? Would love to get feedback from others here in Western NY. I can't imagine a life w/out gardening.
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