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I'm Frankie from Massachusetts:
I would like to learn how to have a better producing garden, especially Tomotoe's.

I do have a question for the Boss of Veggie Gardener: When I was at your webpage reading how to plant and fertilize Tomoto plants. One of your steps was using a plastic fork to gently move the granular Fertilizer into the top soil and not to close to the plant stem because you don't want the fertilizer to burn the plant, which makes sense, what didn't make sense to me was you state being carefull with the fork so as not to hit the roots. What I know about planting tomatoes is you have a good size deep hole and your burying the plant more than half way, don't see how you could even get close to the roots with a plastic fork.
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hi Frankie, welcome to the forum...I had a hard time with my tomatoes last year...I am hoping this year will be better...I added some good stuff to my soil....good luck....happy gardening.
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