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I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma where my family had a1/2 acre garden. When I was a kid my parents used cow manure as fertilizer. but Dad always used seven to dust for tomato worms and potato bugs. Now I only use organic insect spray. I have just retired early and love the time to work in the garden.
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I do my best to keep it organic for my own piece of mind. I know so many people that still use dusts and sprays and chemicals to fight bad bugs.I find it much easier to put good bugs/trap crops to work and get great results from is almost time to order some lace wings and other aphid loving bugs.
Hello, My name is Michael, I just started last year gardening and made some mistakes this year I started growing a little more started with 150 plants of corn 300 plants of tomatoes many different varieties to grow and sell and give away, I have a lot more vegetables growing watermelon, cantaloupe I noticed mold on the top of the soil where my tomato seedlings are only a few plants, how do I get rid of that or just throw them out? I scraped the top part where the mold is and planted them in my greenhouse will this affect the tomatoes or any other plants? Please any advice will help thank you and have a great day.Michael Ps kind of got carried away a little on planting vegetables but I got hooked
Thank you for the info, I have tried that it seems to be working for now all my vegetables started growing I have started everything from seed and it is a slow process that is for sure. the middle of May was still very cold here so I did not start until towards the middle my tomatoes and corn are about six inches in height watermelon and cantaloupe are all the same way, how can I make them grow faster or should they???Is this the average height? Tomatoes I am pruning the suckers off and using tomato fertilizer as well as using compost tea on my corn, thankfully I have a horse his name is Maximo LOL any ideas on how to produce quicker staying organic? Tomatoes are in a greenhouse 8x20 please help thank you again and have a great day Michael
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