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Hello to all I live in Massachusetts were we have a very small parcel of land and gardening is limited to container for anything not flowering. However we own a few acres in Maine and I am planning a large vegatable garden on that property. We own a 1976 John Deere model 210 garden tractor with tiller and other attachments. I just purchased a new chain saw so I can clear 1 acre for next year. Fall I will plan what will be going were and planning for crop rotation over the years. Most of the crops will be started but may be a week or two unattended before we can get up there to check and weed so being able to drive the tractor with the tiller at a shallow depth between rows to help with the weeding wil be important. I'm very excited about this project and the design is going to be as much fun. I'll update as the project is going on.
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