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Greetings from Spokane, WA

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Hey Linda,

That sounds great. Do please share photos here:

I'm sure there are plenty of fellow urban gardeners looking for ideas and interested in seeing your work.

Thanks for joining the forum!
Did you have to get permits for the bees and chickens? I would love to try both but I'm not sure which city officials to start with.
No permits from the City, however, we did need to get an beginning beekeeper certification.....which entailed taking a weekend course in beekeeping and a short test. Spokane allows up to four hens in the city.....we have five, but who's counting ;). Your town should have a website spelling out the regulations...but rather than search all over, I'd give City Hall customer service a call and have them point you in the right direction.
We love both our bees and chickens......this is only our second year keeping them. Last year we harvested abut a half gallon of honey and this year we're expecting to get a whole lot more.......I guess I know what everyone is getting for Christmas! The chickens are producing 4-5 eggs a day and keeping us and all the neighbors in organic eggs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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