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although I wintersow most of my seeds, I do still grow some under lights. I guess you might say I use every thing I can to garden and grow things. But What I use, are just regular 4 ft shop lights with the cheapest bulbs (2 for [email protected] or wallyworld) And hangthem on chains for raising and lowering over a 24" x 48" plywood table. It works great for me and inexpensive. You can get the shoplights at walmart for $10.98 each and the 2 [email protected] then $6.00, I also made a homemade bottom heating unit using "rope lights" purchased at Lowes for $18.00 and it covers the 2x4 plywood table.
with the bottom heat a tomato seed will sprout in half the time then without bottom heat. Just be sure to move the sprouted seedling from the bottom heat as soon as you notice it has sprouted.
good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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