While browsing around in my local Barnes & Noble, I came across a magazine devoted to vegetable gardening. The first thing that caught my eye about the publication was its larger than normal-size and the colorful picture on the cover. I flipped through a few pages and decided to give the magazine a shot. The magazine was titled simply Grow.

Grow Magazine

Grow is published by The Taunton Press and is Fine Gardening Magazine's special guide to vegetable gardening. I purchased Volume 1 in late April and immediately gained interest as soon as I flipped through the magazine. I recently picked up Volume 2 and am thoroughly impressed with the features and departments of the magazine thus far. I am not sure how many issues of the magazine will be printed, and it is not available through a subscription. This leads me to believe that it is only published during the growing months.


The magazine has eleven departments covering such topics as:

  • Letter from the editor
  • Good Earth
  • Q&A
  • Design
  • Reader-submitted tips
  • Plants
  • Pests

Each department shares some valuable information and advice no matter what level gardener you are.


The two issues I have read is loaded with features on growing all types of vegetables, from strawberries to pumpkins. The articles do a superb job of explaining proper planting, growing and harvesting techniques. Each article has enough high quality, vivid pictures that are works of art in themselves. The images add an element of explanation that is very hard to find in other gardening magazines.

A great perk of Grow magazine is that each vegetable article is followed by delicious recipes of that particular vegetable. This is one of my favorite items of the magazine.

I highly recommend Grow magazine whether you are an expert gardener, a beginner, or someone that is interested in starting your own vegetable garden. The timeless advice, straight-forward descriptions, and interesting pictures make this magazine a gardening keeper.

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