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Growing a peach tree

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has anyone ever successfully started their own peach tree from a pit?

I went to a local orchard yesterday and picked about 30 peaches. These are Red Havens. I was thinking of trying to start a couple of my own from the pits. I've read a bit on-line about how you have to completely clean and dry it, then keep it in the fridge for about 4 months, then plant it. Says it takes about 3 yrs to get a bearing fruit tree.
sounds easy enough (although not sure I want to wait 3 yrs to start getting peaches!), but I'm wondering if they really grow that successfully using this method and if it's even worth the effort. You can usually buy small peach trees for around $20, although it would be fun to see if I could do this on my own.

anyone tried this?
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I would just buy the trees and plant them instead, hate to wait 3 plus year to get my first peach. I have a frost peach in my yard and love it the two biggest issues with peace trees is leaf curl and ants. Ants love peaches and will tend them for you and when ripe the will also pic them and haul them off in tiny little ant bite size pieces:)
I don't know much about peach trees. My grandmother had a peach tree in her backyard which produced delicious sweet peaches. I don't remember what kind it was. However, I do remember that the soil was not in the greatest condition (clay), but the peach tree did well.
peach trees are easy compared to apples, you basically leave them alone once they get established. every year in fall/early spring before it has leaves you take off the dead branches. keep it mulched around the base and watch for fruit. they will naturally drop off the bad fruits early on. As the fruit ripens the ants will come and eat the fruit for you. A good stiff wind can shake all your peaches off the tree. I didn't get any this year due to wind knocking the fruit off.
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