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Growing sweet potato for next year

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Hi everyone, I live overseas and I can't buy sweet potato slips here. What I can buy are these sweet potato plants in tiny pots about 4" high and 4" in diameter. They are pretty expensive, about $1.50 each but they grow well and I get a good harvest.

I also make my own slips from the previous year's tubers so that I don't have to purchase very many.

So, since they sell them in pots here I wondered if I could do the same. I cut some tips off my existing vines, rooted them in water and put them in potting soil. They are alive and growing. I was considering buying a grow light to keep these alive during the winter so I can plant them next year.

My question is, should I spray them with some kind of growth inhibitor, just let them grow, or trim them periodically? The pots are small and they will be in these pots for 8 months before I can plant them again. Is it possible to do what I'm trying, or will they outgrow the pots and create tubers?

Thanks for the help-Hugh
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Welcome to the forum....I tried this for the first time last year, had some success I think. Not harvested yet but soon.
I started the rooting in February, which was way too early for here. They rotted sitting inside. I started more in April to planr June 1st and that is what I am growing now.

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Here are some pics


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I tried it last year and got a lot of potatoes. I only spray them with water. You should avoid using growth inhibitors and instead allow them to grow naturally. Continue your efforts. You will receive the outcome.
I planted potatoes and got a lot of potatoes from it. I only use water and never use any type of growth inhibitor, allowing them to grow naturally.Goodluck.
Welcome SL248 ans JS1590......Please do an intro and tell us a bit more about yourself.

As for sweet potatoes, I harvested mine a week or so ago. They were small and stringy, not really worth saving. I think I didn't give them enough room and the soil was too heavy. Will try again next year with looser soil.
Thanks for all the responses. I was wondering if these tiny pots will be able to contain any potatoes that form before I can plant again next year. Would it be better next year to make cuttings from these and create new plants or just stick these in the ground?
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