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Want to growing tomatoes in florida ? This video is for you.

In this video I'll show you how to growing tomatoes in Florida and in an organic garden.

Specifically, this is what you will learn in the video.

First, I'm going to show you what you need to know how to plant tomatoes. This includes things like preparing tomato seedlings, setting up a tomato nursery, to planting them in a growing medium.Basically, the basic things you need to know how to grow tomatoes.

Next, it's time to practice growing tomatoes in florida. It's one thing to channel the hobby of growing organic tomatoes. But in florida gardening can use gardening knowledge by paying attention to the state of the season in florida.

Then, you will learn how to care tomatoes. At some point you want to learn from growing tomato seedlings to harvesting tomatoes, that's a good thing for you.

In short, this video will help shorten the time it takes you to growing tomatoes in florida. So I hope you get a lot of value out of it.

For full video subscribe my youtube chanel below:


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I bought some "Ripe on the Vine" tomatoes from WalMart and saved the seeds.
a few months later, I put some seeds in a 3oz plastic bathroom cup on my back patio and they actually did grow.
I transplanted 4 of the most healthy plants into the ground and in a few weeks, I was getting tomatoes that were identical to the ones I bought in the store. (oh yeah, free seeds).
the 4 plants grew to about 5 feet tall and out-grew the "cage" and had to be staked with iron pipes for support.
I grew them just for funzies - I'm not really a tomato eater. but, anyway, it works, and here is my plant from last year.
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Here's how I used to start my seedlings using soil in party cups. You can do well with a simple shop light until you need to move the light 12" away from the plants. Then it's not enough to continue proper growth.
Rectangle Shelf Tints and shades Shelving Building

Then I built a sunroom on the south side of my house and found a different way to grow using hydroponics. I can grow these year round with no artificial lights or heat.
Plant Houseplant Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Fence

I got a bit carried away with it and grew more than I could eat. I really like this method of growing - there are no pests and no dirt splashed up on the lettuce to clean off.
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