One of the most important, if not the most important, tasks of growing a successful vegetable garden is starting off with a great garden plan. Garden planning is essential for determining the layout, design, and functionality of your vegetable garden.

Before the internet, garden plans were mainly sketched out using a notebook and a pencil. While this can still be an effective way of planning your garden, some software has become available that makes the process much easier, better detailed, more organized and just plain better looking.

One such piece of garden planning software that I have come across is the GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool.

What Is GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool?

The GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool is software that you can use to create a detailed and comprehensive plan for your vegetable and herb garden. The software uses the web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox), and there is nothing to download or install.

Without getting too technical GrowVeg uses icons that resemble the particular vegetables, herbs and fruits that you would grow in your vegetable garden.

You simply click the icon of the vegetable you want to include in your garden plan, place the icon where you want the vegetable, and click again to set it in the location. You can also click and drag the icon to quickly create great looking rows.

A Simple Vegetable Garden Plan Can Be Created Quickly and Easily Using GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool

Useful Features of the GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool

Not only does GrowVeg give you the ability to create quick and easy garden plans, but it is also packed with many other useful features, such as:

  • A detailed list of all the plants included in your garden plan that includes the number of plants in your plan for each vegetable. The Plant List gives the spacing, spacing in rows, and a chart showing when to sow indoors, when to sow outdoors, and the approximate time for harvesting for each item included in the plan. This information is tailored for your specific area so it's always suited for your needs.
  • GrowVeg includes a Square Foot Gardening Planner for those that want to use the Square Foot Gardening method. This is ideal for those that have very limited space for gardening.
  • Information for crop rotation and succession planting is included so you can maximize the efficiency and production of your vegetable garden. Planted potatoes in an area last year, then placed them in the same area again this year on your garden plan? GrowVeg will give you an alert letting you know that you have planted this in the same area in consecutive years so you can avoid problems.
  • GrowVeg has several different drawing tools for creating lines, boxes, squares, circles and other shapes which can be used to designate raised bed boxes, pathways, trellises, fences, and much more.
  • There is detailed information for planting and caring for each of the 135-plus vegetable, fruit, or herb items in the garden planner.
  • GrowVeg will send out planting reminders directly to your email inbox for each vegetable included in your garden plan. This will keep you up to date on when you should sow indoors, or sow outdoors so you never lose track of what you should be doing when.
  • All of your garden plans are securely saved on GrowVeg servers so you will never lose a garden plan, and you will not have to store them on your own computer. They will be there when ever you need them. The GrowVeg software will also periodically save any plans you may be working on so you never lose any data as you are working.
  • Every garden plan you create on GrowVeg is completely printable so you can take your garden plan to the garden center, or while planting your vegetable garden for reference.

GrowVeg Vegetable Garden Plan

Pros of GrowVeg

  • GrowVeg uses the web browser, so there is nothing to download and install
  • Quickly creates a very informational and detailed garden plan
  • Garden plans are easy to read and interpret with large, colorful icons that represents each item
  • Comes packed with many features for a thorough garden plan
  • Garden plans are printable so they can be taken anywhere
  • Garden plans are saved on GrowVeg servers and the user doesn't have to worry about keeping up with them
  • Comes with a free 30-day trial period with no obligation to buy

Cons of GrowVeg

  • The drawing tools for creating shapes can sometimes be a little clunky. There is a slight learning curve for getting used to the tools and getting used to using them effectively


Overall, I highly recommend using GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool for all of your garden planning needs. The detailed plan, handy plant list, crop rotation and succession planting features make GrowVeg the garden planner to use. It has greatly helped me to grow a more efficient, productive garden and I am sure it will help you, too.

As mentioned previously, GrowVeg comes with a free 30-day free trial with no obligation to purchase after the trial ends. If you enjoy the garden planner you can purchase for just $25 a year - that's just 6 cents a day. Now, that's hard to beat and well worth the money!

You can learn more about GrowVeg by visting their website - GrowVeg Online Garden Planning Tool.