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Had no idea okra can get so big!!

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Hello all,

I harvested some okra yesterday after finally figuring out what mysterious plant it was. I had no idea okra can get so large...and to think, I was waiting all this time for them to bloom.:p

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Thanks for the cooking suggestion Ozark. My husband likes okra but hates the "slimminess" so, that's why we always fried it. I will definitely try steaming them.

I was wondering if the okra would taste woody because they are so big. I had no intentions on them getting that big...I didn't know what the plants were until yesterday. My children gave the, then seedlings to there dad for Father's Day. They told me that they were cucumber seeds, but as they grew they got taller and did not vine like a cucumber plant. Then, I started thinking that they were sunflowers because both plants are taller than I am. So, I was waiting for those long green oblong shapes to bloom...oops.:p
Hello all,

Ozark, you were correct about the large okra being woody. The largest okra I harvested was soooo tough to slice, in addition, the seeds were big and brown. I proceeded to fry them anyhow and boy that particular okra sure was hard to chew! The others were slightly smaller, but very easy to slice and the seeds were small and white. Those were very tender and yummy. I know what size to harvest them now. There is more growing...I think I'll try my hand at okra and stewed tomatoes.
^^I sure will save the seeds.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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