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Hi! My name is Kathi and I live in southeastern Massachusetts. I've had small gardens off and on over the years but for the past few years I've been expanding a little at a time. I started with one small area that was around 8'x4' as well as our 'pumpkin/squash patch in one of our paddocks that used to be an area that we spread horse/donkey manure, stall shavings, and any leftover bits of hay that weren't being eaten...that area was just a spot where we'd toss the pumpkins after Halloween as well as any seeds from whatever winter squashes we'd had for dinner...we'd just literally throw the seeds out there and whatever grew the next season was a fun surprise! IOW, nothing planned.
Last year my son dug me a new garden area next to my house that is about 8'x10'! Due to my physical disabilities, my horse herd had gone down over the years from 9 animals to 2 and last fall I finally sent my two miniature donkeys to a friend in western Massachusetts and my empty paddocks needed to be re-purposed, so my son dug out another garden area that was supposed to just be a SMALL area but I guess our ideas of small are different as the newest garden is around 10'x20' and another area for more pumpkins that had sprouted in a fully shaded area of our original 'pumpkin patch'!
So, for 2014 I know have 6 areas for growing, 2 of which are in old manure disposal areas (great for vine type plants/squash I've discovered) oh...and a tiny area for my two perennials that were in my original garden that needed their own 'home').
So, in the Barn garden I have about 10 tomato plants (about 5 or 6 different varieties), one black beauty eggplant and one Japanese eggplant, and some chives and dill.
In the 'house garden' we planted snow peas, several varieties of peppers, green onions, and picking cukes. The old, toss 'Em out there pumpkin/squash garden is now the 'back paddock' garden and has pumpkins (of course), buttercup squash, spaghetti squash, and whatever squash seeds that we tossed last fall and winter (we'll see soon enough) as well as my mammoth sunflowers that are around 8-9' tall and only one has flowered so far...and finally the 'front paddock' which has regular cukes, summer and zucchini squash, some peppers of various color, and 5 watermelon plants that survived out of the 12 planted (they just started flowering which is great as it was,touch and go for a,while if they were going to survive!)... And, of course, another pumpkin patch from the seedlings that were starting to grow in the fully shaded area of the old pumpkin patch that I didn't think would thrive in the shade...
All of the gardens are doing great which is surprising for me as I definitely have a black thumb with almost every indoor plant I've ever had! The pickling cukes have begun to yield crazy amounts of fruit, as are the summer and zucchini squash. The tomatoes are doing well with tons of green fruits and the spaghetti squash has a lot of squash growing.
Actually, I came on here today to see about the spaghetti squash because there are 3 or 4 squash that are the size I'd like to pick but they are an off white instead of the yellow I'm familiar with...know anything about that? If so, please either pm me or leave a reply here.
So that's my garden story!
I have a small farm (6 acres but 4 of them are swamp) that I've kept horses and my daughter's donkeys on for the last 20+ years. As I said, the last of the animals, our donkeys, left here last fall. We had 4 areas that we used to spread manure, hay, and shavings when I had the majority of horses here but as the herd grew we stopped using a few of these areas and sent ten manure to a neighbor so he could fill some low areas. Then as the herd dwindled with my physical issues, we got down to just two areas (one of which is now my composting area, the other is the 'back paddock' garden.
I've been married for 31 years this September to the same man, have 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren, 3 dogs, 3 house cats, and 3 outdoor/barn cats (they come in at night in winter or on really hot or cold days if they want but usually chose to stay outside).
I'm a retired nurse and horseback riding instructor and horse trainer (dog training too!). Hmmm...what else? Ummm, I think I've written enough...especially if you've read this all the way to here!
So that's me! :eek:
Nice to be here...
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