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Hello Fellow Gardeners!

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Hey Tammy, thanks for joining the forum and I'm pleased you were able to get registered after the initial issues (saw your comments on Facebook). I've made some changes so hopefully we won't have any future issues.
hi, I just started my veggie garden 3 years ago, but have been raising animals far longer, such as chickens, pigs, horses and donkeys. yes some are raised for food the others are pets and contribute manure to the garden adventure, that has been continuously growing in size each year.
Hi. I live in Phoenix AZ and enjoy backyard gardening. I'm fairly new to gardening, but have had success this year. I do have some issues with my watermelons splitting if anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it, especially in AZ.
G'day Gardeners :) I live in New South Wales, Australia. We have just moved to a new property (left a wonderfully productive garden) and now have to start our new garden from scratch. There are some bare bones - a run down orchard of about 60 citrus trees, some figs, persimmons, fejoas, a big old peach and a big old apricot. Looking forward to chatting on here to see what you do that is different to us. :eek:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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