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I'm not a "gardener", per se, but, I do "tend to one". My wife is the gardener and she plants all kinds of Asian stuff like garlic, ginger, onion, chives, eggplant, etc. (and other fancy leafy stuff for salads) and I do maybe 3 tomato plants in the corner along with some okra and one row of sweet corn.
I have an old Sears 5hp tiller that gets a lot of use and will get it out this afternoon and get the 20x40 foot bed ready. then cover it with black plastic to help kill any lingering grass/weeds that may want to stick around. then in a couple of weeks she can start her plantings. (I have a bad ankle so I'll put on my plastic walking cast and a couple of plastic bags wrapped around it - LOL - that should be fun to see).
Rabbits and birds aren't a problem but the danged squirrels sure get their share.
we have some Temple orange trees, Loquat, Lychee, Guava, Surinam Cherry, etc. that also needs tending on a regular basis.
I'll post some photos later on once the garden gets started.

John Smith_inFL
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