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Hello from Middle TN.

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Hello everyone,
We are located just south of Nashville, TN in zone 6b. We enjoy growing heirloom varieties using as little chemicals as we can.
Always looking for natural methods for maintaining our garden veggies and enjoy new recipes as well as canning tips.
We appreciate a more basic lifestyle and while still working full time we spend as much time as we can in search of a more simple life. We have chickens, an Aussie dog, and one great cat. We are conservative in our religious and political views and have concerns for taking care of our environment as well as a prepping mindset with the desire to help others learn from our experience. Great to find this forum and hope to get some new ideas, share some of ours, and encourage others in their gardening endeavors.
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Welcome to the forum! I am from middle TN also-it's great to find like-minded people so close! Lots of good info on this forum.
Welcome Freebird. We to are of the same mindset and I also have an Aussie. They are great dogs.
hello from washington state, I too grow/raise as chemical free as possible. I have a small farm with pigs(3),chickens(13),horses(4),dogs(4) and couple donkeys. I add space to my garden every year and plan on adding a cow/steer next year too.
Welcome Here..I glad you join this forum,Enjoy with our community,share own ideas,useful information and ask problems under forum rules.
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