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Hi, My name is Amy. This is my first year of having an actual garden. My husband and I bought our first home 2 years ago and I was very excited to be able to plant a garden of my own! Last year I grew a couple of tomato plants, but this year I am growing a variety of plants including:
- tomatoes (Tiny Tim, Early Girl, Beef Stake)
- snow peas
- broccoli
- cucumber
- jalapenos
- celery
- strawberries (ever bearing)
- lettuce (butter crunch)
- garlic
- watermelon (sugar baby)
- garlic chives
- carrots
- spinach
My area of Nova Scotia is a zone 5.
So far, my favourite thing to grow is tomatoes because they're easy and they grow so quickly!
I joined this group in order to learn more about gardening in general.
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