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Hello from Southern Louisiana!

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This is my first year planting. I planted 5 cucumber plants. and i got ALOT from them. One problem i had was some turned yellow. I was told too much water....just back off and let mother nature take its coarse. I also think that i had another problem by the way i planted things. In one row i had cucumbers, next to them i had bell peppers and two eggplants. the other row i had strictly tomatoe plants. They were planted in front of the cucumber plants. I dont think they got enough sun. Tomatoes over grew EVERYTHING lol. Had problems with tomaotes and cracks at the top. That has to do with the amount of water they were getting either not enough or too much. The peppers did great! The eggplants are doing great I have a couple that look alittle yellow but so far so good. If i can keep my black lab from eating the eggplants it would be much
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