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Hello from Washington!

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I just joined today, i live in Oregon so we are neighbors
I grow tomatos, green beans , peppers watermelon, canteloupe pineapple tomatillos and cucumbers
I'd like to know if pineapple tomatillos are as good as they sound?
hello from across the sound over near the hood canal/bremerton area. stuff to grow late in summer say august will be leafy greens such as spinach,lettuce,collard greens (they will winter over as they are more of a perennial)Swiss chard. other things that can be planted late for next year are onions and garlic they will come up in spring and multiply. This area over where I live is one of Washington's best kept secretes for picking wild blue huckleberries in august. :) the tomatillos are best in salsa :)
hello bill and annie,welcome to the forum.i am just getting ready to plant my garden,our last frost date is the 18.this is my second year i always get a little nervous and anxious however it is so exciting..last year i got alot of growth but not alot of harvest.i hope this year is better..i planted potatoes,corn,beets,peas,string beans,summer savory,carotts,tomatoes,and a few other things i can't think of right now..i am getting ready to add some compost and when my garden was finished last year i added food compost till the ground i hope this will help my garden this summer...happy gardening.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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