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My name is Jeff and I am from Aurora, CO (zone 5)
This is the first time I have gardened in raised boxes and they are really growing!
I've got tomatoes corn and peppers along with some herbs
I really wish I would have used taller cages never had tomatoes this bushy!
Looking forward to learning along with the rest of the group
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hello, you are so lucky that you can grow tomatoes, it doesn't get hot enough long enough where I live to grow those. I am in the PNW west of seattle. ya we get the rain just not the heat needed.
Hello everyone here.. :)
This is Hunter and a very recently joined member here in the garden..
So just wanted to acquaint myself and say HELLO to all...

I bet your community is just reeling from the Aurora shooting. My condolences. I know how tragedy like that can really affect the entire community deeply.

and on another note, I was born in Aurora! But only lived there about a year. My dad was stationed in the AF and we lived on the AF base.

looking forward to seeing some pics of your proliferous tomato plants!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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