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Hello All,
I put in my first raised garden (first garden period) this year! So far so good...installed a soaker hose system too. I've got lots of questions!!!

I would like to learn more about continuous composting. I'm confused about what type of container to use for this. If you stir it do you have to just sift out the compost that's ready from the other stuff? Is there a way to set it up so the "finished" compost drops to a separate shelf? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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this depends on how much compost you want to make,for me it is a 3 bin system side by side so the compost get rotated from one bin to the next by shoveling/tractor.compost settles as it breaks down it does get to a certain point where it starts to cool and adding water and stirring help speed the composting up again as well as creating enough heat to kill any weed seeds.
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