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HELP! My Vegetables are Running together

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My children and I planted our rows too close (first time gardening) a nd everything is running together. Tips?
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well at this point no but don't worry it just keeps the weeds from getting a good hold ever. :) the only issue will be harvesting will be a bit difficult. I did the same thing over planted in a small area. I got allot of stuff but it was hard to tell what was ready.I know now that no garden space will ever be big enough and that stuff runs together no matter what I do to make the area bigger :)
I have the same problem. No matter how much space I think I'm giving each seedling. When they take off, they are all over the place and in each others space. sort of like my kids in the car - Mommmm, he's touching me! :)
lol too funny Shannon.. have a great gardening day everyone...mine Is starting to take shape...everything is up.. hoping it will do better this year...:cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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