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Help with Zucchinis

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My first try at zucchinis became infested with those worms that eat through the plant and young fruits. I chose to resolve this by performing surgery on the plants to remove the worms. I am happy that my plants have seemed to survive but wondering whether they will bloom another time. Do zucchini plants bloom more than once? If so how long should I wait for a second bloom?
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some years I get small green worm-like bugs on the underside of the zucc leaves. I have dusted the leaves (with Seven I think?) and that has taken care of the problem.
yes, zucchini plants can continue blooming throughout the season. I am not sure on the length of time, but perhaps a few wks?
As far as I know, zucchini thrives in the warm weather. If the warm season is long enough, they should bloom again.

Good luck
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