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Im Rena! Im from Nashville but have been living in North Georgia for 10 years now. 27y.o., married with one crazy 2y.o. daughter....Come from a farm family in Cadiz, Kentucky so I've heard many farm stories 2nd hand. Been handling a 30 x 20 garden at my mother in laws for 2 years. Finally have a house that I can have my very own garden!

It's about 20' in diameter, and started out as a hole where a pool used to be about 10 years ago. Therefore, there is a lot of sand. Put in 400lbs. of mushroom compost, fertilizer and holly-tone as suggested by the local nursery. Other challenges: running bamboo trying to take over the yard, has penetrated the North side of the garden- tilled up the large runners and have just clipped them back...AND- how I found this forum: Carpenter Ants! My husband is a firebug and thought itd be smart to dig a hole in their MASSIVE mound about 15 ft. away from the south corner of the garden and pour gasoline in and burn it! They are now trying to find a new home :/

Wow.. actually sounds like a disaster all written out like that. Well! Any help on these issues would be awesome.
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