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I have been gardening all my life, since my dad made me weed around junipers, and the flower beds. I hated it then, but I sure am glad I got that intro to gardening, as I love it!
I am in the high desert and am growing vegies, fruits and flowers, organically. To me, organic methods will help the planet, but chemicals will only wind up in our water supply and poison our soils. I am passionate about that.

Right now, I am battling some ants which are killing my Chia plants by stealing the top leaves from the plants which are over my head now. They have ruined over a third of my test plot. I have tried Diatomaceous Earth, which only slows them a bit, Terro from Home Depot, which is sugar and borax. The Terro is supposed to be weak enough so that it doesn't kill them until they carry the syrup back to the colony, but it kills them right there. I have dug around to try to find the queen, but only find all the grubs they are also saving. I have seen them gang up on a June bug to drag it to their nest! I will save some of them today in a plastic baggy and freeze them, to identify what ants they are. If anyone has organic suggestions, please let me know.

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