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hi everyone

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hi people call me sway ( no that is not my real name ) and I have been gardening for many years off and on and getting better each time :rolleyes:
Per the national gardening association I am in the 7A zone, SW united states. I like to grow anything that I can make grow :D but especially love to grow pickling cukes, eggplants, melons, hot peppers and squashes.
I would love to learn about the tricks others use, the small details that get left out of what most consider common knowledge. I want to learn to grow better veggies and fruits.
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Hi Swayy

That sounds like a nice assortment of vegetables. I see that you did not list okra as one you like to pick. :)
I remember picking that when a teen, and all the fussy hair on it itching as I picked it. But it is good fried.

I don't have a garden yet, but remember working in my parent's garden a few years ago.
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