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I'm Ryan
I've been gardening for about 7 years.
I'm currently living in Jacksonville, FL zone 8b and will be moving to South Bend, IN zone 5 when I retire from the Navy.
I grow just about any vegetable and would like to learn more about growing trees.
What would I like to learn? I'm a sponge and am always looking to learn so I guess it is whatever you have to offer.

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nice garden. now that depends on the tree type are you talking fruit,nut or native trees to the area? I am in western wa and well trees we got trees! you learn about fruit trees by osmosis here with all the apple,cherry,peach,apricot,plumb.that grow as well as a few of the colder climate nut trees. the hard part about fruit trees is knowing when to prune and if you need to prune. too much and the tree dies too little and no fruit. type of tree full size,semi dwarf, or dwarf? is the type of tree you choose ok where you want to plant it? try and pick common tree types for the area you live in from local nurseries or you could end up with a bunch of dead sticks ordering from on line.
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