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Hi from So. Cal! Shade, chickens, kids, and gardens don't mix well!

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We have several things growing in our backyard. But there are obsticles that I have to deal with!
1. Our yard is surrounded by tall trees: nice for shade but not good for the food gardens. I've tried a lot of things that don't produce well, or at all, because they don't get enough sun.
2. We have chickens that we let run loose during the day. Again can be good or bad depending on your point of view! We get fresh, organic eggs every day, and the bug count is pretty low in our yard. But they force me to fence in every little planing area or pot that I have.
3. I have an 8 & 11 year old that need the yard to play soccer and baseball in. Need I say more about that?
4. Then there is the squirrels of course. Constantly racing them to the plum and loquat trees!

Food I'm growing right now includes tomatoes, snap peas, cayenne peppers, strawberries, oregano, sage, thyme, lettuces, and two different kinds of eggplants, all in pots. In the ground I have an artichoke, snap peas, onions, several types of mint, blackberries, raspberries (lightly producing), the plum and loquat trees, an avocado tree, passion fruit vine, and some other herbs that my wife likes. I also recently planted banana tree, apple tree, goji berry plant, and papaya. Sitting in the house in new seeds are 2 different corn varieties that will be planted where the peas currently reside.

What is failing or has failed: parsley, pears (not enough chill in CA?), potatoes, 4 types of blueberries (alive but not producing), grapes (looks healthy but not producing), and various other things.

Zone 10 or 11, been doing this for a couple years.
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