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Hi from Wilmington, Ohio

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My name is Phil and my family has owned a Florist and Garden Center with approx. 1 acre under glass for over 90 years. We grow annuals, perennials and vegetables in our greenhouses. We get calls daily from people in our community who want garden help. I am constantly amazed at how little I know, so i am looking forward in following many of you. I am a tomato geek, so we started growing nearly 100 different varieties of tomatoes each year for sale. We created a Tomato event called "Tomadah Paradah" 3 years ago and will be holding this event in August at Wilmington College Farms. The college is growing over 125 different varieties of tomatoes for the event. They have planted nearly 1500 tomato plants for us to observe variety tolerances, habit, yield and for the 1st time acidity levels. I am especially interested in heirloom varieties and constantly research information on large yielding heirloom tomatoes. Dr. Carolyn Male has a wonderful book on heirloom tomatoes for anybody interested in unique zone 5-6 tomatoes.

I will post both our raised beds here at our greenhouses and the tomatoes at the farm.

Good Luck to everyone in the their garden!!:)
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