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Hi, i'm gardenbabe!

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm gardenbabe and I live in zone 6-7 in Northern Arizona at an elevation of around 6000 ft. I am in the process of planning a spring garden and it will be my 1st ever! I am pretty much am looking at having peas and or beans, some type of lettuce or greens (possibly chard, spinach. etc), I would look summer and winter squashes, tomatoes and I guess, what would be a pretty typical garden. I've been doing research online and of course looking at online seed catalogs as well, and am doing an an organic garden with no pesticides or such of any kind being used that aren't organic or natural! I was researching veggie garden layout and found this site, and am really looking forward to getting help her from you all along the way! Happy New Year and Happy Planting to us all!! :D
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glad you can join us on our garden quests to perfect veggies and help out in the garden they bring in the bees :) look into adding edible flowers to your garden as well.
Thanks for the welcome Stephanie! I hadn't really thought about using edible flowers in the garden, however I will be looking into them because I do want to attract bees to my garden and also, we do tend to eat a lot of salads during the summer months and edible flowers might be an interesting and yummy change of pace!
I have and use nasturtiums in both salads and sandwiches the leaves make a great lettuce substitute. they are also a trap crop for aphids and will keep allot of garden pests off the regular veggies. humming birds love them also.
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