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Hi there. new to forum.

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Thanks for accepting me to your forum. It's always nice to have another venue of information and gardening experiences.

I am in Zone 6B WV. I just moved last year from Maryland's Zone 7 (a really great zone for both changes of and growing season.) Now I have a shorter season, but have had pretty good success with my first square foot gardening experience. Except for that horrid tomato blight. I have 5 raised beds--4x8, figuring this would be a good start for a kitchen garden (I intend more beds for perennials.) I owe my success at this first gardening experience to forums such as these where an abundance of great advice and experiences are offered up just for the asking! :)

The horrible tomato blight has defoliated the bottom portions of my tomato plants, but I have managed to string them along and keep my tomatoes going in hopes of them ripening. I would like to know of others' experiences with this. I understand it has hit everyone.

Also, my pole beans are having their leaves eaten out leaving them like so much lace. I did find a recipe for home made organic spray that I'm trying out to see if that works. I planted Scarlet Runners, which I love for the hummers. (Also, the flavor is amazing.)

Well, that's probably more of an introduction than expected. Gardening is not just another hobby for me, but a way to become more sustainable in these questionable economic times.

I look forward to participating with your groups.

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Welcome Rosey! For us, gardening is one small step to being more self-sustaining and healthy. I become more and more skeptical of all goods commercially grown these days. Plus, gardening is cheap therapy! lol

it's nice to have you here!
Yes, I too am skeptical of what I buy to eat. I plan on trying to locate some local meat and dairy sources in the near future to purchase what I can that's not modified. Though I can't venture into the whole route of a mini-farm, I do plan to at least find good sales and can a lot of my meat for my own home made fast food pantry. I've read from several sources that all the mass produced food contains only about 20% of the nutrients contained in that grown in home gardens. No wonder people are becoming naturally obese, storing every nutrient possible from everything eaten to try and make up for the lack of it all. The dairy industry has convinced the public that using low and reduced fat is for their good, when in reality, it's so they can simply skim off that other 4% to sell as more expensive ice cream. (The difference is only 4%--how fat can one get from that?)

Oops, sorry for the rant---and in the wrong forum as well! ;)
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I would rant about milk too:) but call me crazy,I am doing the mini farm,small garden that seems to expand every year, 3 pigs,3 horses,3 donkeys,10 chickens,4 dogs,1 cat and I am mulling over getting a dual purpose cow(because of the milk thing)and I like fresh beef.
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