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I'm Lucie, an opera singer/teacher/writer from Montréal, Québec. I live in the lower-northern part of Québec, which puts me in a 4 zone, I think. I'm very new at gardening. I have a five-year plan to become autonomous, and completely (well, I'd be happy with 95% :) )using the ressources of my very small piece of land (about 5700 sq feet) for food and medicinal plants. I'll be growing in the garden and on the window sills inside. I hope to build a solarium, one day, which would allow me to plant all kinds of things, defeating the very small, 2-month growing season I seem to have here. I'm only about 60kms north of Montréal and the climate is soo different!

Good news is, I still have 4 years to get there...

I got here through Google, as I was looking for a way to re-grow celery from butts. I was redirected to see I can also do this with green onions! I feel blessed!

Will be looking in from time to time to read your posts and find all kinds of awesome ideas, I'm sure!

Amitiés, des Laurentides,

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hello and welcome to the forum. I too am working on becoming self sufficient over time or at least in part. hope you can get some great Ideas and help on here.
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