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Hot weather and tomatoes

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I have loads of green tomatoes, each of my 11 or so plants has about 8 to 10 green tomatoes and tons of blooms. We are looking at temps in the high 90's and even 100. I don't want to lose any. I had heard about putting up a sun cloth? Everything is mulched good and watered. Any suggestions or know anything about a sun cloth?
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AliciaC, a shade cover will help keeping the hot sun from scorching the fruit. But the only thing I fear from the high temps over 90's in daytime and 70 at night (as it is here now) is that the high heat will sometimes keep blossoms from setting fruit, and the blossoms just drop off. sometimes spraying the blossoms with epsom salt will help some, (1 tbs to a quart of water). I have never used a shade cover (black mesh) so I couldn't say if it would help or not except from scorching the fruit.
good luck and keep us inform
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