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Hot weather and tomatoes

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I have loads of green tomatoes, each of my 11 or so plants has about 8 to 10 green tomatoes and tons of blooms. We are looking at temps in the high 90's and even 100. I don't want to lose any. I had heard about putting up a sun cloth? Everything is mulched good and watered. Any suggestions or know anything about a sun cloth?
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I had the same problem last year with blight here I southeastern Massachusetts but it was supposedly from WAY too much rain! This year I moved my tomatoes to a different garden area that yielded tons of fruit several years ago and from what I'd heard, even commercial growers had problems wit blight around here last year so I wasn't too concerned...until about 2 weeks ago when I noticed spots and yellowing leaves again! We went right out and bought some anti fungal spray (I think its daconocil or w.e. it's called) and we sprayed but I didn't know until today that I should be removing any leaves or stems that are affected (although I did follow my instinct and removed most of them yesterday when we resprayed) but having read the section here on blight, I will go over every plant with a fine tooth comb (and a blade to cut them off) first thing tomorrow morning. I am just so upset that we've got the same problem again this year...I just wish I hadn't been so lazy about finding a site like this so that I could have started inspecting and spraying at the first sign of a problem. The only good thing is that I will DEFINITELY stay on top of this problem and hopefully will not loose all of my tomatoes like I did last year!
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