Poblano (or also called Ancho) Peppers are arguably the most under-rated pepper in the pepper family. They do not get nearly the attention of the jalapeno or cayenne pepper, but poblano peppers are packed with flavor. The poblano pepper is my favorite pepper because they have that great pepper taste but are much milder. They are great for adding just a touch of zing to spaghetti sauces, sandwiches, steaks and hundreds of other dishes.

One other great quality of the poblano pepper is that they are very easy to grow, and even easier to harvest. Here is how to tell when a poblano pepper is ready to pick and how to pick it without damaging the plant or knocking peppers off the plant accidentally.

Poblano Pepper Plant

Is This Poblano Pepper Ready To Pick?

The best way to know whether a poblano pepper is ready to pick is by the size. A poblano pepper will have a deep, dark green color - similar to a bell pepper. The pepper is ready to pick once it gets to be a little smaller than your hand. It will actually look like a smaller version of a wrinkled bell pepper.

Choose a Poblano Pepper That Is Ready To Pick

In the picture above, the poblano pepper on the right is at the right size for picking. The one on the left can be picked, but you can let it get a tad bit bigger.

How To Properly Pick Poblano Peppers

You will need a sharp pair of scissors or garden shears. Find the pepper you want to pick, and gently push any leaves or stems away from the pepper. This will give you clear access to the pepper. Be careful not to accidentally knock off any near by peppers.

Snip the Poblano Pepper From The Plant Using Garden Snips or Shears

Now that you can easily get to the wanted poblano, use the scissors to snip the pepper from the plant. Cut the stem about 1/4-inch above the the pepper. It is better to cut the pepper instead of just pulling it off. Pulling the pepper can cause damage to the plant and accidentally knock growing peppers from the plant.

Harvested Poblano Pepper

Now you have a perfectly sized poblano pepper that will be a great addition to many foods.

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