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Hi my name is Sarah. I moved to Utah from california where growing a garden was almost effortless. This is my 3rd year trying my hand at gardening in hot dry southern Utah. Last year I produced 1 single green bean this year I have manages to grow a gorgeous summer squash garden after tons of study learning why I've failed in the past. I was planting in rock & clay. So I started a compost & got my dirt from the city. My plant has not a leaf that isn't absolutely perfect in every way. However my fruits were just shriveling, until I learned hand pollination. Fruits are not quickly shriveling so I thought it was working but they aren't getting any larger either. What's going on? Besides a few aunts there have been no pests & unfortunately no bees either. I have a ton of new fruits about to flower & I want to do things right so they actually grow after pollination. Its been 4 days since my hand pollination of my last fruit & it is still the size of the ones about to flower ready for pollination. Pls help. I can't figure out why they aren't growing after a good hand pollinating. Any advice. Thank u
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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