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Only grow what you will eat (or trade/sell/can)!

Canning is really wonderful, but it's time consuming and not always easy.

Remember your freezer, especially for berries and anything that can be turned into jam.

Rotate beds annually, plant pest warding plants next to one another (broccoli & onions, etc.), start small. :)

Use Manure/Compost! Mulch, turn and aerate the beds.

Make friends with other gardeners, usually you can trade stuff, and learn from one another.

Try to determine the yield ahead of time, too many of one thing can be a real waste. Had a wonderful crop of acorn squash last year, and even baked in brown sugar couldn't get the kids to eat it. Wasted effort, water, time and garden space. Our guinea pig got about 1/4 of last year's carrot crop, or they'd have gone to seed.

Mostly, have fun. Stick some seeds or plants in the ground and watch what happens. It's the best way to learn.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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