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How does one protect tomato from frost?

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Hi, I am Gilbert and I grow tomatoes, peppers , water melons and okra in Livingstone Zambia. I was hit by frost a fortnight ago and I was wondering if anyone has any bright ideas on how I can prevent my crops from frost.
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During our winter I cover my tomatoes with a row cover or plastic sheeting around the cage, mainly over the top at night and take off during the day.
Yes - I agree w/ jenex - I covered my tomato plants last fall w/ row cover (thinsulate, I think it's called) & they made it through a light frost. Won't protect them from a hard one, though......
Thanks Jenex. Is there no other way other than covering your tomatoes?
I have to agree with Jenex and Geteb, only other way then not covering them is to try and plant at a later date after any chance of frost has gone.
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