If you have ever been interested in drying your own peppers, then here is a very simple way to do just that. I prefer to air dry my peppers instead of using an oven or dehydrator. Air drying your peppers helps to hold the pepper's color and spiciness. Using an oven or a dehydrator will cause the peppers to lose their color (the pepper's appearance can look as if they were burnt) and some of their bite.

There is one drawback to air drying peppers - it takes quite a bit longer to do. Using an oven or a dehydrator takes just a few hours, while air drying can take about 2 weeks. I still think the advantages of air drying out weigh the time it takes.

How To Air Dry Peppers

For this demonstration I will be drying some fresh poblano peppers. You can use these same steps to dry any pepper of your choice such as jalapeno, cayenne, habanero, or green chilis.

Poblano Peppers Ready To Be Dried

You want to leave the peppers whole with the stems still attached, and string them together using the garden twine. Take the garden twine and make a loop around the stem of the pepper.

Tie String Into a Loop

Tie Loop Around the Stem of the Pepper

Tighten the loop up snugly around the stem, but do not tighten it too much. You don't want to cut the stem off. Tie another loop around the stem so that the twine is double knotted around the stem.

Tighten the String Loop Around the Stem of the Pepper Snugly

Continue tying each pepper at the stem, leaving at least two to three inches of space between each peeper. This is to provide adequate air flow around the peppers.

Continue Until Each Pepper Is Tied Into A String

Once you have finished stringing all your peppers, hang the string up in a warm, dry location that gets direct sunlight. I like to hang mine up on a clothesline.

Hang the String of Peppers Up To Be Dried

Periodically check on your peppers. After a couple days of drying, you may want to pin the stem directly to the clothesline. The peppers will begin shrinking some and may come out of the knot. Make sure to keep an eye on them.

Peppers Drying On a Clothesline

If there is the threat of rain, make sure to move your pepper string indoors until the weather has passed. If you leave the peppers out in the rain they will NEVER dry.

In about 2 weeks you should have dried peppers. You can check to see if they are dry by gently squeezing them. You should not be able to feel any moisture in the pepper.

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