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how to build a small green house for under $200 dollars

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well I stared building my small but walk in green house. I used one of my raised beds as a 1/4 wall for one side(it is 2 feet tall),2 cattle panels these are (16 feet x 4 feet each) clear plastic to cover,bull dog paper clips (20+) misc scrap lumbar for the door. I will take pictures and post as the process happens. my total cost is under $200 dollars for the materials. the biggest expense is the cattle panels at $90 for 2 of them. pictures to come later today.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts , the beginning of the green house frame is up.
yay! thank you!! I need to get cracking on this project but funds are a bit low right now, so I appreciate your tips on how to build one at a minimal cost.
I will have mine up and going as soon as tomato starts hit the garden stores this year.I am looking forward to using it for the first time.
This sounds interesting. I really want to see this cattle panel green house. What do I need to do to make the flickr link work?
you need a flicker account which is threw can also find the who to's on you tube for this type of green house will see if I can find some and post them.
thanks for the link! this is such a cool project. I have a couple of cattle panels that I am going to arch over a raised bed to get my squash and small melons away from the ground and slugs. I know that I can't manage putting a door in it but maybe I can drape some plastic over it to extend my season. (a faux greenhouse) LOL
great Greenhouse! I know you will love this
Sorry total noobie to gardening here.

So how low of temperatures can you grow crops in this greenhouse?

Does that plastic lining allow sunlight to pass through to the plants?
the plastic will keep the temps above freezing all winter so things like lettuce and leafy greens can grow all winter even with the snow on the ground and it allows the sun/heat to pass threw. they can get very hot in summer months but the fix is to open an end up.
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