Certain vegetables such as carrots, radishes, and onions have very tiny seeds that are difficult to sow. Usually you end up getting way too many seeds per hole and have to do a lot of thinning once the seeds have sprouted.

One very easy solution for this problem is to create seed tapes for planting those tiny seeds. Seed Tapes can be made in a variety of ways and with numerous materials, but I am going to show you my method of creating seed tapes.

The items you will need to make my seed tapes are normal things you find around the home: paper towels (the two-ply type is best), a spray bottle filled with water, a pair of scissors, and the seeds you want to plant.

First, pull off about three or four sheets off the paper towels. Make sure to keep the sheets intact - do not separate them. It is best to use plain white paper towels, try to avoid the type with the printed designs.

Spread Out the Paper Towels or Toilet Paper

Use the scissors and cut the paper towels length ways into 1 - 2 inch strips. Moisten the strips using the sprayer filled with water.

Cut the Paper Towel Into Long Strips

Pour your seeds into a plate and spread them around a bit to make them easier to pick up. Here I am using 'Parade' green onion seeds.

Gather Seeds for the Seed Tapes

Carefully pick up the seeds and place them on the moistened paper towels strips. Space the seeds according to the recommendations on the seed packet. The seeds I am using should be 3 inches apart. Here I am placing two seeds every 3 inches.

You can place one seed per space or as many as you'd like, but the more you place in each spot the more thinning you will have to do later. I think two seeds per space is a good number, and thinning down to one plant per space later will not be that big a deal.

Once you have finished laying out your seeds, moisten the paper towel strips again with the spray bottle.

Lightly Mist the Seeds With Water

Fold one-third of the paper towel over the seeds and lightly crease the paper towel. Moisten the paper towel strips again. Gently tamp the towel so it seals against the seeds.

Fold Paper Towel Strips In Half Long Ways

Fold the other one-third of the paper towel over the first fold and the seeds. Lightly moisten the paper towel strip again, and tamp with your hand to seal the fold.

Fold Paper Towel Strips In Half and Mist Lightly Again

You can grab the seed tape on the ends and carry in a "U-shape" out to the garden and plant your brand new seed tapes. Plant the seed tapes with the one ply side up (the side that doesn't have the folds), and make sure to plant at the recommended depth on the seed packet.

The paper towel will decompose and the sprouting seedling will pop through the towel on its way up though the soil. Now you have an easy and convenient way to plant those cumbersome seeds.

If you have some tricks, tips, or ideas on planting tiny seeds then please feel free to share them!

Convenient Seed Tapes