Many people that are new to vegetable gardening may be wondering what are bush green beans. Bush green beans are also commonly referred to as green beans, string beans, or snap beans. There are typically two types of green beans most vegetable gardeners grow - pole beans, which grow as a climbing vine, and bush beans, which grow as a bush.

Bush green beans grow different than pole beans because bush beans grow as a bush and are generally grown in rows, similar to butter beans. Planting bush beans is really not much different than planting pole beans. They both require similar planting depths, but the spacing is a bit different.

Here is how I plant bush green beans.

Preparing The Bush Green Bean Seeds

Just like pole beans, bush green beans should be soaked in a shallow container with warm water over night to speed up the germination process. The bush bean seeds will swell up as they soak up some of the water. Once the seeds have soaked overnight, drain out the water. The bush green bean seeds are now ready to be planted.

Soak Bush Bean Seeds Overnight To Speed Up Germination

You may find some seeds that have split apart or are broken. Just add these to the compost pile or discard. Don't try to plant them because they probably will not germinate.

Preparing The Garden Row or Garden Bed For Planting

Bush green beans should be grown in fertile soil amended with good compost or organic matter and have adequate drainage. I will be growing my bush beans in a row this year. For planting in rows, bush beans need to be spaced about eight to twelve inches apart.

Bush Beans Grow Well When Planted In a Row

Planting The Bush Green Bean Seeds

First, place two bush green bean seeds at eight inch intervals down the center of the entire row. Just place the seeds on top of the soil for now. Continue placing the bush bean seeds on top of the soil at eight inch intervals until you run out of seeds or run out of row; whichever comes first.

Sow At Least Two Bush Bean Seeds In Each Location

Make Sure To Allow For Adequate Spacing Between Each Bush Bean Plant

Bush bean seeds typically need to be planted at a depth of 1-1/2 inches deep. Make sure to read the seed packet for the planting depth of your particular bush beans. Here I am planting 'Early Contender' bush beans.

The Hole Method of Planting Bush Green Beans

To plant the seeds, I simply take my index finger and poke a hole in the soil 1-1/2 inch deep right beside the bush green bean seeds I placed on top of the soil. By poking the hole right beside the seeds, the seeds will just fall right in the hole on their own.

Use a Finger To Create a Hole Next To The Bush Bean Seeds

Once the seeds fall into the hole, use your finger to gently tap the seeds in the hole to make sure they seat properly in the soil. Avoid pushing the seeds deeper into the soil, just make sure the seeds are seated in the soil. This is to make sure the seeds come in good contact with the soil for proper growth after the seeds germinate.

Now simply cover the hole with soil and give it a light pat with the palm of your hand. Again, do not pat too hard as this is to just make sure the seed contacts the soil well.

Continue this process until all the seeds have been planted along the row.

The Push Method of Planting Bush Green Beans

Another method for planting bush beans is to simply use your index and middle fingers to push the bush beans seeds down into the soil to plant them. Simply take those two fingers and place them on top of the seeds. Gently push the seeds down into the soil until you get to the second knuckle of your fingers. This is typically about an inch and a half deep.

Use Two Fingers To Gently Push the Bush Bean Seeds Down Into the Soil

Push the Bush Bean Seeds Into The Soil About One and a Half Inches Deep

Once you have the bush bean seeds at the proper depth, simply cover the hole with soil and gently pat with the palm of your hand. Continue this method for all of the bush bean seeds along the row until finished.

Water The Bush Green Bean Seeds

Once all of the bush green bean seeds are planted, give the entire row or bed a drink of water or compost tea. Thoroughly water them each day to keep them consistently moist but not soggy. The bush green bean seedlings should emerge in six to fourteen days. After the seedlings have reached about three inches high, thin them out so there is one plant every eight inches.

How do you plant your bush green beans? Please share your methods!

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