The next time you use green onions in your favorite soup, salad, or other dish, do not throw away the bulb at the bottom. The bulbs can actually be re-used to grow more green onions. This is a superb way to get the maximum use out of a great vegetable. Here is how you can get three or four more uses out of one green onion bulb.

  • When cutting the green onions, save the bottom one inch of the bulb. Make sure you keep the tiny roots intact.

    Green Onions

  • Take the saved green onion bulb, and replant in the garden, or in a container. Make a small hole with your fingers or hand shovel - just deep enough to hold the bulb. Make sure to plant the root end down, and let about 1/4 - 1/2 of an inch stick out above the soil line.

    Regrowing Green Onions

  • In a little over two weeks, the green tops will be tall enough to snip off for another great meal. This can be continued three or four times, supplying you with green onions for a few months.
  • The green onion bulbs can also be placed in a small glass of water and set in a window sill. The green tops will re-emerge and can be snipped off as needed. This is great for the summer or winter - you never have to buy green onions again!

    Regrowing Green Onions In Water

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