Thanks to Twitter, I have had the honor of speaking to a fantastic voice in the gardening world, Michael Nolan.

After spending oodles of time devouring the great information on his website, My Earth Garden, I found out that he has also authored a book with Reggie Solomon from Urban Garden Casual (Michael also writes on Urban Garden Casual).

Although I do not really consider myself an urban gardener (I guess I am), I immediately knew I had to get a copy of their book, I Garden: Urban Style.

And, boy, am I glad I did!

The tagline for the book states: "Grow the Garden that Fits Your Space & Lifestyle".

That's just what the book helps the gardener do. It proves that no matter where you live, or how busy you are, you can grow a fantastic garden that fits you.

Throughout I Garden: Urban Style you will find very useful sidebars that offer a variety of easy, do-it-yourself tutorials.

For example, there are step-by-step instructions on building your own self-watering container, creating a homemade Japanese beetle trap, and making an easy spray to thwart pests.

The books features a very appealing layout with a nice blend of stunning images with pleasing page colors.

I love the "Profiles in Casual" pages that are littered throughout the book. Each one features an internet urban gardening pro who offers their own advice and tips for gardening in limited spaces.

The authors take the gardener from choosing your urban garden casual style, to casual container gardening advice, to getting started on growing seedlings, all the way to a variety of delicious recipes.

Ahhh... the recipes!

There is a whole chapter on recipes using the amazing vegetables you have grown in your urban garden. Some of my favorites include Simple Summer Pickles, Hummus Pizza, and I cannot leave out Reggie's Ultimate Urban Mojito.

I Garden: Urban Style is focused on gardening in limited spaces, but whether you live in a sprawling metropolis, or someone that has acres and acres to grow in, it will benefit you.

I highly recommend checking out I Garden: Urban Style and I am positive you will find in valuable in your urban, or rural garden.

This review is my honest view of the book, and I did not receive any compensation in exchange.