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Ideas on what to plant now or soon

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I am about to harvest garlic and my sugar snap peas will be finished producing before too much longer. I was thinking of planting more lettuce or spinach since we eat so much of that, but what else do people like to plant during the summer for a fall harvest? Or, what ideas are there for veggies to plant a bit later in the summer for a later fall harvest?

I'm in Illinois about 40 miles west of Chicago. Yes, we're in a drought now, but it always rains eventually!

Give me your thoughts!
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the summer is starting to get too hot for any lettuce or spinach to grow and not bolt. but come fall you can plant those and they will do better in cooler weather. if it freezes where you are like where I am you can do a row cover/hoop house over the lettuce and spinach and it should winter over with a little help and then grow more in the early spring.
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